We try to create a mixture of music that familiarizes and brings artists from

all around the world together.

In Giv's art workshops, we create new music styles, combine different artists’ arts, and help artists

spread their works in a WPS's non-profit association.






White Phoenix is a people’s association with the goal of developing the culture, art, and

education of people.

Public education through the arts and artists of the cinema and music industry

Research shows that people's relationships with artists are the most profound social relationship, and artists play an important role in bringing unity

and awareness to society.






Broadcast sponsor by NKF CPA FIRM in LA, California, USA

Music producers (Music Pro) will undoubtedly be the top producers of our mixed works.
You can be a leader at Giv’s studio based on your ability to compose, arrange, mix/master, and play music.

We want Giv’s art workshops to serve as an environment that helps create new ideas and introduces artists to each other.

How you can

help us

We would love to hear helpful ideas and constructive criticisms.

If you wish to create a workshop, feel free to Email us so that our experts appropriately equip and set up the intended workshop.

If you own a brand that has the necessary advertising standards, you can request brand advertising through labels by artists.
Sponsorships massively help us produce quality music for new artists.

We also work with other brands in different business fields to sponsor our artists. We provide a professional advertising opportunity for sponsors and spend the income made through this on our artists and their advertisements.

We will have many new artists in the future. You will see various different artists and live performances from us.


We are getting closer and closer to accomplishing our goal of creating a combination of different music styles and holding exciting live performances all around the world.

We combine different music genres such as rock pop, traditional pop, pop, deep house, classic rap, etc. with the help of various musical productions to create unique styles and perform on the stage.

We organize production and execution teams and prepare bands for specific performances that producers, sponsors, and ex-producers ask us to do.

We offer services such as music production and live performances to all music producers and ex-producers at great prices.

Work with us for our next seasons:

We greatly need the help of associations and anyone who can help us find new talents.

We are currently working with several associations and artists in Iran, Sweden, Canada, the US, etc.

According to the instructions of the association, we aim to construct active art groups and produce mixed music in several different styles in the first season.

We have invited many artists whom each follow a specific music style this season.

Studio managers hope to mix the art of these artists.

One of our most important goals in the first season is to find future partners and guide them to help ​​the White Phoenix Society.

How you can help us with our next seasons

If you can help us with our next seasons, please write for us here.